Benefits of Forgive Forgiving Forgiveness

Benefits of Forgive Forgiving Forgiveness

I wasn’t taught about Forgiveness

While growing up in Arkansas with the upbringing from a strict Christian family, I don’t remember learning about forgiveness. I do remember hearing an “eye for an eye”, keeping score and “revenge is sweet.” What can I say?  They were just doing what they were taught to do and they were doing the best they could. When I went to school there was nothing about forgiveness. Then I went to the University and still there was no mention of forgiveness. What value is forgiveness? What are the benefits of forgiving?Forgiveness

Angry emotions lower the flow of your universal energy from Source

I am an energy healer, I teach classes, do counseling and perform alternative healing where I’ve noticed that sick people are full of anger, rage and unforgiveness. For an example, individuals who have cancer are gunny bagging all different kinds of hurts that they have experienced from other people. It’s almost like they’re carrying or dragging a bag behind them full of their resentments. From my healing experience I know that these negative emotions will lower a person’s resistance to disease. Some people feel entitled to carry around this heavy load of “How bad it is. It’s sort of like that’s the only reason they’re playing life in the first place.

Some examples of negative emotions are expressed below:

  • How much I have suffered! Woe is me.
  • I need to punish others because I’ve been damaged.
  • I have been cheated and deceived
  • I feel abandoned and abused since I was a child
  • I’m not only angry, I am furious and full of hate
  • I feel hopeless
  • I feel helpless, blocked and humiliated
  • I am ambivalent, aggravated and annoyed

Forgiveness Your healthy flow of universal life force energy is blocked because of the negative emotions you are hoarding. Let it go!




There was a study at Harvard School of Public Health that proved that an angry man who felt entitled to revenge had the highest score toward having a heart attack.

He was three times more likely to have a heart disease than the others in the test. The study also showed that those who forgave their past betrayals and devastation were the ones who were less anxious, distressed, depressed, and they even slept better and had a more peaceful mind.

Forgiving and forgiveness are good for you!

We have talked about what anger and unforgiveness does to one, now what does forgiving and forgiveness do for you? Once you start forgiving and letting go of all the old grudges you’ll feel better and healthier. List of benefits of forgiving:

  • you feel more peace and harmony (less stress and anxiety)
  • it lowers your blood pressure
  • your mind has less anxiety and depression and is more relaxed
  • your body is more free and you have fewer symptoms of chronic pain
  • it also helps you have happier relationships
  • you feel mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually lighter and happier
  • your body is healthier

your flow of energy is restored which leads to health and well-being.

Forgiveness may seem hard to do, but when you learn how to forgive others, you are the one who mainly benefits. The one who forgives benefits! If you have hated others, when you release them and forgive them, you, yourself are freed from that negative energy.

You can forgive, but you may not forget.

Forgiveness -Let go of the hate
Forgiveness -Let go of the hate

When you cannot forgive the negative emotions you’re holding, it turns into poison and energy blockages for your body. It makes your body acid and we all know that having an acid body is a precursor to cancer. When you look at the process this way you can see it makes sense to forgive and forget the best you can. You are freeing yourself of all these people and all these circumstances that have been weighing you down. You don’t have to be friends with this person that hurt you anymore. Although you have forgiven it may be years before you forget or you might not completely forget what they did to you. You can move on with your life and completely release that burden. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you approve of what they did.  By Taylore Vance

Have you had a situation where you forgave a person? But did you forget


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Please share your experiences below so others can benefit.


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