The Dog Whisperer and Mr. Tee

The Dog Whisperer and Mr. Tee

When a client asked me if I could speak to her mom’s dog, I said sure.

She told me that she was initiating contact on her mother’s behalf. Her mother is worried about her living dog, Mr. Tee, as he recently tore an A.C.L ligament as well as suffering from arthritis. She wondered if I was able to speak to living animals as well as deceased animals. I replied with, “I don’t know why or how, but yes, I am able to speak to animals both living and deceased”. As we were texting, the image of a female dog pushed its way into my mind. “You must understand”, the dog, I was sure that my client said her mom’s dog was male, so I asked her, “Who is the female dog, does your mom have a female dog too?” She replied, “No, but we had a dog, Lady, when I was growing up. Lady passed away several years ago”. I told my client that Lady was connecting with me and I felt strongly that she would act as my guide while speaking with Mr. Tee. “Tell her I miss her and love her”, my client told me. Lady presented herself as eager to assist, polite and loving. She reminded me of the dog in the Disney movie, Lady and the tramp.

Black and white springer spaniel dog

The next morning I connected with Mr. Tee and immediately was able to see Lady seated next to him. She was licking him and comforting him, she was taking on the role of nurturer and protector, essentially acting as a mother to Mr. Tee. It was clear that Lady would act as a guide to Mr. Tee and me. Here is how it began; I would ask a question, directing it to Mr. Tee. He would look to Lady, who would answer the question on his behalf. Mid way through the connection, Mr. Tee finally discovered that he could in fact answer my questions himself.

That is what I call the point of enlightenment.

I asked Mr. Tee if he was in pain. Lady responded with, “He’s o.k., he could be doing better, but he’s o.k. for now”. She spoke of his pain perceived by his owner as being worse than it actually was. I asked as directed by the owner, if Mr. Tee would like natural or prescription medications to ease his pain, he directed his reply to Lady, he stated that the site does not bother him, “It’s nothing I can’t live with.

Sometimes it is more intense, the pain, than others. I understand my limitations now”. I asked him again if he had a preference to the type of pain medication supplied to him. He stated that he does not understand the difference and would like his owner to make the decision. He would like to get relief, “use the one that will help me the most”, he states. Mr. Tee also states that he understands that his age is a factor, “I am by no means ready to be disposed of”. Mr. Tee is 10 years old. It is at this point in our connection that he realizes that he is able to speak to me directly and here forward he and I speak directly to one another.

He continues our conversation with, “I have good years left and feel otherwise healthy. I still have much to do and can do and have plenty of things to enjoy”. He also refers to the situation in the home now and explains how it bothers him almost as much as the physical pain he feels. He explains that it is taking an emotional toll on him. “I wish things could be the way they were before. My mom cries a lot and it makes me feel bad. I’m afraid something bad is going to happen to me because of this”, he says. I reassure him that his owner will do her very best to take care of him.

He speaks of green things he likes to eat and when I relayed this to his owner, she said she gives him “Greenies” for treats. Mr. Tee tells me that he likes it when his owner pets him and wishes she would find more time to spend with him, petting him. He explains that he is sad because his owner is sad and is unsure of what the future will bring and what will happen to him. I tell Mr. Tee, as directed by the owner, “your owner appreciates the love and companionship you give her and she loves you very much”. He says that his owner needs to take comfort in him, he is there to comfort her, and this is his job at this time. We conclude our connection with him telling me about a dog he likes to bark, talk to, that lives nearby. I thanked Mr. Tee for speaking with me, he responded by licking my face.

Gale Stein/Lori Vough McEwen

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