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Submit your appropriate* business listing for free by entering your information in the form at the bottom of the page you would like your listing to appear.


728 x 90 pixels
Position: Top or bottom on specified page (your choice)
Rate per month: $225


240 x 160 pixels
Position: Right column on specific page
Rate per month: $150

Expanded Listing

Includes up to 100 wordsand 1 approved graphic
In your choice of category
Rate per month: $50

Current Event Listing

(currently unavailable)
Listing links to your individual details page with unlimited event details.
Rate per month: $250

To contact us, please use the Leave A Reply space below to inquire.

* Appropriate free listing would include a Pacific Northwest business of a nature that would appeal to our target audience. There is no charge for your listing. A $60 fee applies to changes to your listing.



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